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Designedwith Teams in mind

CORE is a building designed to facilitate and enhance open collaboration – because today’s brightest and best won’t accept grinding through their workdays in isolating cubicles. The new generation of game-changers have certain expectations the ability to swiftly share lightening-strike ideas with colleagues; to hold impromptu meetings – of any given size – at a moments notice; and to make connections – both real and virtual – with frictionless ease.

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CORE’S layout and future-proofed connectivity allows for all of this – in fact, the space positively encourages working in this profitably modern way. You’re never more than a few steps from a breakout area, meeting room or communal workspace, resulting in a flexible and kinetic environment that’s nonetheless still conductive to solitary focus and reflection.

BringingPeople andIdeasTogether

The all-new lightwells and full-length windows imbue the building with uplifting, light-filled spaciousness throughout, while exposed services and linear LED light fittings inject fresh, on-trend modernity. CORE is a capable of wowing visiting clients as it is turbo-charging your team’s productivity and day-to-day happiness.

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